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Dr. Christopher Schneider

Research Doctor

Dr. Christopher Schneider is a Canadian Internal Medicine Specialist and Gastroenterologist and has been an advocate for an evidence-based approach to Medical Cannabis.

He has worked with the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation and National Access Cannabis to create evidence-based guidelines and has presented at both local and international conferences including the Australian Gastroenterology Week (AGW). He has recently completed an RACGP accredited course reviewing the current evidence of Medicinal Cannabis in Gastroenterology.

Dr. Schneider is currently putting together a patient database of real-world experience with Medical Cannabis in treatment of IBS and IBD.


Richard Palesh

Research Director

Richard Palesh is an early entrant in Australia's cannabis industry, driven by his passion for plant-based medicines and strong belief that everyone should have the right to access it.

He and his business partner founded a Medicinal Cannabis Manufacturing and Cultivation Facility in 2018, successfully acquiring all relevant Office of Drug Control licensing and the Therapeutic Goods Administration Good Manufacturing Practice license. It was acquired by a private company in late 2022.


With expertise knowledge of the cannabis plant from seed to sale, Richard expanded his horizons into research. It was apparent that without evidence to prove efficacy, access to medicinal cannabis was going to be limited.

Knowing the importance of evidence-based research, Richard and Chris teamed up in early 2020 to form Schneider Von Gunn Pharmaceuticals with a vision to create natural plant-based medicines that are backed up by science.

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